Impaction Surgery Course

  • Date: 16/01/2020 04:00 PM - 17/01/2020 05:00 PM
  • Location: 27 عبد الحميد أبو هيف، النزهة، قسم النزهة، محافظة القاهرة‬، مصر (Map)

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✔Day 1


  • All types of flaps .
  • Principles of Bone guttering and tooth sectioning in impaction surgeries
  • Professional maneuver of all types of elevators with videos
  • Impaction types and classification
  • How to use New Digital dentistry and evolution of cone beam CT in diagnosis and surgical management.
  • Complications of impaction
  • And how to overcome this problems professionally.
  • Videos on surgical management of all types of impactions(lower eight, upper eight, palatally impacted canine)

✔Day 2:

Lectures :

  • Suture types and uses of each type in our surgeries
  • How to read CT in professional Diagnosis
  • All types of sutures with videos and hands on chicken breast
  • Flaps of torus palatinus removal with hands on sheep head
  • All flaps of oro-antral communication(buccal advancement, palatal pedicle flaps) with hands on sheep head.

Practical session:

  • All types of flaps used in oral and dentoalveolar surgeries
  • Pyramidal flap
  • Rectangular flap
  • Semilunar flap
  • Papilla preservation flaps(new era)
  • All flap designs in impaction (Old and recent types)
  • How to make impaction incisions more easy to suturing
  • Flaps of tori removal(torus palatinus and tours mandibularis)
  • Tips and tricks in all types of surgical extraction.
  • All types of suturing techniques (with hands on)
  • Simple interrupted
  • Continuous
  • Continuous with lock
  • Vertical mattress
  • Horizontal mattress
  • Figure of eight
  • Sling suture
  •  subcuticular and all types of suturing used in plastic surgeries(magic sutures)leaving no scar at all


Dr.Hany Salah ElDin