Implantology Basics

  • Why Implants
  • Anatomy and important anatomical structures
  • Patient selection, diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Safe and predictable implant strategies
  • Extractions and immediate placement
  • Introduction of the surgical and restorative aspects of implants
  • Surgical considerations related to dental implants
  • Pre-surgical and site preservation possibilities
  • Discuss indications, limitations and contraindications for the different surgical techniques presented for the management of the mandible, mainly towards the All-on-4 Concept
  • Identify the different techniques used in the surgical treatment of the atrophic maxilla and their limitations and types of sinus lifting
  • Review of basic bone grafting technique
  • Analysis of grafting materials
  • Simplified flow chart of restorative modes
  • Prosthetic considerations related to dental implants
  • Custom abutments vs. prefabricated abutments
  • Abutment selection and impression techniques
  • Recognize how computer guided surgery has profoundly changed the planning and placement of dental implants in the fully edentulous patient with minimal invasive surgery
  • Keys to esthetic and functional results

Special cases

  • Management of failure
  • Management of the pre-implant soft tissues mainly in the esthetic zone
  • Hard & soft tissue regeneration techniques
  • More workshops added to the course to guide you in choosing the proper prosthetic part
  • CBCT software training
  • Implant placement
  • Sheep head flap &suturing

Prosthetic workshop include:

  • Abutment selection workshop
  • preparing temporary restoration
  • Taking impressions on single implants (open tray and closed tray)
  • Live demo of implant placement and prosthetic part on patient

The last session is a recap of all sessions taken by going through the different cases of radiographs and photographs and designing a treatment plan for each case, then the candidate will insert one implant in his patient.