A- Isolation:

1 - History of isolation .

2- Why should we use rubber dam?

3-Components of rubber dam set

4-Clamps types

5-Floss tie

6-Teflon in isolation.

7-Split dam technique .

8 -Isolation in adhesive dentistry.

**Each participant will do (Practical work):

Isolation hands-on

1- Do quadrant isolation and use wing and wingless clamp

2- Use soft tissue Brinker retractor clamp.

3- Use Teflon.

4- Do floss ligature.

5- Learn and do inversion.

The Second Day:

B - Posterior Composite:

Composite Placement and Application Techniques:

-Snow plow tech .

-Centripetal tech .

-Over molding tech .

Steps :

1- Diagnosis .

2-Caires removal .

3-Cavity design .

4-How to get tight contact .

5- Matrices Types. How to use?

Matrices and wedges:

1- Why sectional?

2- Which sectional matrix? (Types).

3- Ring; from old metal to new V-ring.

4- Wooden wedge modification.

5- Pre-wedging.

6- Diamond wedge revolution.

7- Teflon wedge.

6-Bulid up technique .

7- Bulk file composite .

8- Bonding procedures .

     a- Total etch or self-etch? 

     b- Selective etch technique.

     c- How to overcome hypersensitivity?

9- Finish and polish protocol .

      a- How to finish composite without loss anatomy?

      b- How to get highly polished surface?

      c- How to remove high spots?

**Each participant will do (Practical work):

-Composite hands-on

1- Learn how to use sectional matrix

2- How to build proximal wall (convert class 2 to class 1)

3- How to do accurate and nice anatomy?

The Third Day :

C - Anterior Composite:

1- Case analysis

2-Polychromatin vs Monochromatin technique 

3- Shade selection 

4- Material and how to use

5- Build up techniques (diastema closure case) 

6- Surface texture 

7- Uses of stain 

8- Finishing and polishing protocol 

D- Composite veneer

E- Case documentation 

**Each participant will do (Practical work):

- Composite Hands-on

• Each participant will do class IV composite and try to take photos after learning.

3 Workshops

-Rubber dam isolation workshop.

-Class 2 composite workshop

-Class IV composite with index workshop.