The Royal International Academy Ambassadors Program is a voluntary booth for doctors and medical students or others.

The Royal International Academy Ambassador will be able to:

  • Nominate and communicate lecturers and educational institutions, provide Royal International Academy for them, and attract them to provide scientific materials through the International Royal Academy.
  • Participate in the activities and forums of the university / the organization to which it belongs and other public gatherings or charities, or where Royal International Academy needs to be represented as an ambassador in his city in particular or his state in general if possible.

Requirements for joining the program:
The Royal International Academy Ambassador has the following characteristics (or some):

  • Doctor or student (Diploma, Bachelor, Postgraduate) at a university / college / recognized institution or working in a research / academic center or practicing his profession.
  • Active in the Internet and social networks and a good knowledge of the latest trends and technical means.
  • A speaker has the ability to persuade and manage the dialogue with confidence.
  • Has previous experience in the activities of the university / entity and joined previous projects / campaigns / initiatives.
  • He can discharge a small part of his time for his volunteer duties to be determined at the Royal International Academy.

Benefits of joining the program:

  • To contribute closely to the study, proposal and deliberation of ideas for the development of the Royal International Academy initiative to create a unique and sustainable learning environment.
  • Add experience to your career and resume, provide a reference confirming the period you volunteered with the gallery as an ambassador.
  • You will be a part of the Royal International Academy Ambassadors, from different Arab and international universities, and in contact with promising young people in many countries.
  • Contribute to the implementation of requests for courses, clinical materials and labor market requirements, by searching for and agreeing with them, and helping them to produce and manage their material through the Royal International Academy
  • Get the latest courses in your field.
  • Participation in events organized by the Royal International Academy, local and international.
  • Enjoy Royal International Academy trip and courses that are discount and free, for our ambassadors.

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